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A few short years ago, the life of the business traveler was great. You would fly first class from city to city, drink and dine on the company tab, stay in plush hotel rooms, and milk that unrestricted corporate expense account for all it was worth.
But times have changed.
With increasing operating costs, companies are downsizing their staffs and budgets, putting the kibosh on the perks and lavish lifestyle that made business travel so much fun.
Listen to Taylor and John talk about business travel.
Taylor: So, John. I hear you’re about to go on a business trip. Where ya’ going?
John: This time I’m going to Montreal, Canada.
Taylor: Excellent.
John: Yeah, it should be a good time.
Taylor: Are you going to stay at a four-star hotel with a fruit basket, all on the company card?
John: Well, you know, that is typical for people when they go on business trips to stay in a little higher-end accommodations, and eat a little bit better. But I try to do it just like I would if I was traveling normally, actually.
Taylor: So, you know, they have Motel Six up there in Canada?
John: Yeah, you know, they have a campground, but I think it’s full, so I’m probably going to do the Motel Six action.
Taylor: So, you know, I know that you’re going to be meeting with, ah, you know, people who potentially could be a business client and, ah, do you think you’ll be taking somebody out to a fancy business lunch?
John: Yeah, that’s a good point. If I’m eating by myself, I’ll eat on the cheap, like I would normally. But if I’m trying to impress a client, or to do something with a potential business relationship, then I definitely take them out to a nice meal and give them a couple drinks, and make sure they have a good time because that fifty dollar investment can go a long, long ways.
During a business luncheon or dinner, etiquette is important. Some people believe that the way a person behaves at the dining table shows how he/she conducts his business relationships. So, be on your best behavior.
Here are some things to consider when dining with American business clients:
- Arrive at least five minutes early.
- Offer a firm handshake when you meet your partner.
- While eating, chew your food with your mouth closed.
- Don’t wear too much perfume or cologne.
- Don’t accept all the cocktails John offers you. (He has a reputation!)
Grammar Point
The forms will and going to are used to talk about the future. In addition to will and going to, most native English speakers use the present continuous tense ( [be] + -ing) to talk about things happening in the future.
In the conversation between John and Taylor, John says: “I am going to Montreal.” Though he is going to go to Montreal in the future, he uses the present continuous am going to talk about his trip.
Similarly, Taylor says: “I know that you’re going to be meeting with business clients.” He uses the going to form to talk about the future, but he could also say “I know that you are meeting with business clients,” to talk about a future event.
Other examples include:
Tomorrow I am eating at my friend’s house.
We are flying to Amsterdam this summer.
She is throwing a party on Friday night.
❶ John is going to _.

  • Barcelona
  • New York
  • Ontario
  • Montreal ✓

❷ John says that it is ___ for business travelers to stay at expensive hotels.

  • common ✓
  • uncommon
  • wonderful
  • hungry

❸ John is going to stay ____.

  • in a campground
  • in a Motel Six ✓
  • in his car
  • home

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