Ep.3 Flowers


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Each year, spring brings an explosion of color. From blossoming trees to tulips of every shade, flowers create a sense of joy and new beginnings. Many people like to plant flowers in their gardens. Others like to fill their homes with pretty blooms, or surprise that special someone with a bouquet. But you won’t see Jason planting any rose bushes or bringing buds home from the flower shop. Hear him explain to Amy why he thinks flowers are more trouble than they’re worth.
Amy: Isn’t it so great now that it’s spring? There are just so many flowers blooming everywhere.
Jason: Uh, yeah, I guess there are flowers everywhere. I didn’t even notice, I guess.
Amy: You didn’t? I mean, I walk down the street in my neighborhood and it’s just exploding with color. It’s so beautiful, and it just puts me in such a good mood.
Jason: I mean, they’re pretty cool. I don’t know, I never plant flowers at my house. I sort of feel like if I’m gonna plant something, I’m gonna eat it.
Amy: Really? You don’t just like to make your house look more beautiful with flowers?
Jason: I don’t know. I guess I appreciate flowers when other people plant them. They just seem so fragile, like it’s just gonna rain on them and kill them or something.
Amy: What about having flowers inside your house, like do you ever get your girlfriend flowers or anything like that?
Jason: Well, that’s like asking for allergies, you know? Just bringing the hay fever right in your front door.
Amy: What? But they look so nice in a vase, it really brings a room together.
Jason: But they’re temporary. It just seems like, if you want to bring a room together you could buy a permanent decoration. It just seems like a waste of money to me, in a way, flowers, you know? If you’re gonna give someone a gift, it just seems like a weird way to go to me.
Amy: Does your girlfriend agree with you about that?
Jason: No.
Now that spring has arrived Amy sees beautiful flowers wherever she goes. She loves flowers because they are so colorful and pretty. They make her feel happy.
Jason doesn’t care about flowers. He doesn’t like to plant them around his house, because he only likes to plant things that he can eat. He also doesn’t like giving flowers as a gift because they are so temporary. But Jason’s girlfriend feels differently!
Do you like to plant, give, or receive flowers? What is your favorite kind of flower?
Grammar Point
Comparatives and Superlatives
Amy thinks houses with flowers look more beautiful than houses without flowers. She uses a comparative here to compare two things (houses with flowers and houses without flowers).
When you want to form a comparative from an adjective with more than two syllables, you typically use more + adjective. For example, “Lilies are more mysterious than daisies.”
On the other hand, when you want to form a comparative from a short adjective, you typically add “er” to the end of the word. For example, “Roses are harder to grow than tulips.”
Which is correct, “Flowers are more prettier than grass,” or, “Flowers are prettier than grass”?
❶ Jason prefers to plant __.

  • flowers
  • trees
  • pretty things
  • edible things ✓

❷ Amy says flowers are __.

  • temporary
  • permanent
  • beautiful ✓
  • ugly

❸ Jason doesn’t like to __.

  • plant flowers
  • give flowers as a gift
  • keep flowers inside his home
  • All of the above. ✓

❹ Jason likes to decorate his house with things that are __.

  • colorful
  • permanent ✓
  • expensive
  • unusual

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