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Do you want to know the new films hitting cinemas soon? What about hearing spoilers from movie fans, or reviews from respected film critics? Do you want to get behind-the-scenes deets or listen to interviews with your favorite movie stars and Hollywood insiders? Or are you interested in knowing the best movies of all time or the worst ones in the past year? If you're a certified film buff, you can surely get loads of "cinematic goodies" from podcasts. With just your phone or your PC, you can listen to thousands of podcasts that are readily available online. Your podcast listening experience never stops there as you can also download them, which means you can enjoy podcasts even when you're not connected to wi-fi. While you can binge on motion pictures, you can binge on movie podcasts too. And there are lots to choose from – may it be about horror movies, sci-fi, action, comedy, Bollywood, blockbuster films, your favorite Disney or Marvel films, even Netflix! There's always a podcast that suits your taste, giving you info and entertainment about the films you love (or hate 😊). So what are the best film podcasts out there? No need to look for them elsewhere as we've already collected them for you here. Now, all you need to do is grab some popcorn and let these podcasts take you to the epic world of cinema.

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喜歡攝影嗎?喜歡創作嗎?喜歡設計嗎?你來對地方了!這是讓我們志同道合的朋友集結在一起,創作、攝影、影片拍攝以及設計軟體相關技術的聚會。 你不需要是專家,因為世界上沒有人一出生就是專家,要成為專家也需要環境,更需要志同道合的朋友集體創意。 成立這個社團是因為我喜歡攝影,設計,音樂以及創作藝術!我想分享我的經驗,也想學習你的經驗與想法。 加入我們也不需要有好的配備,簡單來說:只要你喜歡藝術、設計、創作以及喜歡攝影就可以了!
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