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It’s not just a school subject. It’s not just a tool of trade. No. It’s the language of Shakespeare, of Charles Darwin, of Andrew Lloyd Webber, of Steve Jobs, of Winston Churchill. It is the tongue shared by some of the most brilliant minds in the world. Learn it well, and you world will be a lot bigger. And you don’t even have to be born or raised in an English speaking country. With the right training, and a superhuman determination to excel, you too can speak English as expressively and e ...
這個節目介紹正念與自我慈悲相關資訊,同時也分享正念與自我慈悲練習檔案,歡迎大家訂閱並給予評價,您的回饋是節目前進的動力。This podcast will share articles, information and meditation practices regarding self-compassion and mindfulness. 如果您想收到節目更新通知,歡迎加入Line官方帳號:自我慈悲學堂, Line ID: @selfcompassion,https://lin.ee/AnBzyCZ,個人網站https://SelfcompassionStudio.com,https://drliuyihung.com, Podcast Website https://podcast.selfcompassionstudio.com/
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