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我们可以找到的最佳Language Learning播客
我们可以找到的最佳Language Learning播客

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龙飞虎(英文名:Chris Lonsdale),心理学家、语言学家、教育家, 6个月学会任何一种外语方法创始人。功夫英语自学课程体系设计师。 功夫英语拥有独创的“6个月长好英语DNA”课程系统,这个系统将帮助您: 1)掌握8000多英语高频词; 2)掌握6000多词组及短句; 3)解决98%以上日常生活、工作、商务最重要的沟通需要。 更多了解功夫英语,请关注: 微信公号:功夫英语 新浪微博:@功夫英语自学汇 腾讯微博:@功夫英语 学习问题咨询 国内报名功夫英语:400-8938-696 国际报名功夫英语:+86-755-8882 0630 功夫英语官网 “学习外语的过程中,方法和思路是影响人的学习速度及学习结果的关键性影响因 素。”龙飞虎说。为了帮助中国人彻底解决英语学习的苦恼,使用科学准 确的方法,有效率有效果的提高自己的英语水平,龙飞虎决定用《龙飞虎讲功夫英语》视频广播,从思路和观点上帮助大家跨越自己快速学习的一切阻碍因素。 在这个 视频广播中,无论你的需要是:英语 学英语 自学 ...
It’s not just a school subject. It’s not just a tool of trade. No. It’s the language of Shakespeare, of Charles Darwin, of Andrew Lloyd Webber, of Steve Jobs, of Winston Churchill. It is the tongue shared by some of the most brilliant minds in the world. Learn it well, and you world will be a lot bigger. And you don’t even have to be born or raised in an English speaking country. With the right training, and a superhuman determination to excel, you too can speak English as expressively and e ...
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Great career or better results 职业成就和好成绩 General knowledge of this world 世界观 Brand new world and life 新世界新生活 Horizons can be widened 视野打开 更多文本解答以及留学申请/关注每日朋友圈更新由英语口语家森Jason
In this lesson, you’ll learn furniture, and practice describing the arrangements of the furniture, and also practicing giving instructions, such as “put the lamp on the desk”. Position words are the focus of this lesson.Learn about Mandarin Express books here:…
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to say different jobs in Chinese, such as “doctor”, “singer”, “housewife”, “manager” and etc. You’ll practice how to express your opinions about these jobs, for example, “This job is boring”, or “That job is stressful”. The final exercise is a questionnaire for finding out what job is the best job for you. Learn abo…
低級:- it’s not in my job description. - it’s not my responsibility. - why do I have to do that? 圓滑:I appreciate that you asked me/thank you for asking me. I would really love to contribute meaningfully to the project, but to be completely ho...由Radio Television Hong Kong
I did consider other options/doing it differently, but after taking everything into account (especially the risks that it would entail), I thought it would be prudent to stick to/not to deviate from the protocol/the guidelines/our usual practice.由Radio Television Hong Kong
It seems flexible and it is my preference 工作时间灵活是我中意的 Annual leave 年假 Freedom is my priority in life 自由是我生活的真谛 Full of energy and imagination 充满活力和想象力 更多文本解答以及留学申请/关注每日朋友圈更新由英语口语家森Jason
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