4: We Know What We're Talking About! 我們很懂事


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  1. 主持人:Nick Velcro(尼克·魔術貼)
  2. 貴賓一:Jamie Richardson(傑米·理查森)
    • 世界知名音樂會鋼琴家 (world-renowned concert pianist)
    • 每週二與她的樂隊「尤克里里管弦樂團」在卡內基音樂廳演出
  3. 貴賓二:Spencer Elbow(斯賓塞·手肘)
    • 惡名昭著的大腦研究院(notorious brain researcher)
    • 三屆奧運會擊劍金牌得主 (three-time Olympic gold medalist in fencing)
  4. 貴賓三:Charles Bedmont(查爾斯·貝德蒙特)
    • 語言學家和走鋼絲者(linguist and tightrope walker)
    • 德國腔有點誇張
  5. 提問者觀眾:Zach (扎克)
    • 來自Minneapolis Falls, Minnesota(明尼阿波利斯瀑布·明尼蘇達州)
    • 理髮師(barber)


  • "last but not least":最後但並非最不重要的
  • newcomer:新人
  • get to the point:快點切入重點
  • make small talk:閒聊
  • you do you:做自己(類似 just be yourself)
  • you’ll naturally wind up:你很自然最後會(找到)
  • clients who are looking for that in a barber:正在找具有那樣特質的理髮師的客人
  • term of endearment:暱稱,愛稱
  • endeavor:(n.) 一項事業
  • understand what makes your customers tick:徹底了解你的客人
  • creepy:令人感到不舒服
  • interpretation:翻譯、釋義、解讀


N: Welcome everybody to our show. I’m your host, Nick Velcro, and this is “We Know What We’re Talking About.”

Let’s meet our experts. Jamie Richardson is a world-renowned concert pianist, playing at Carnegie Hall every Tuesday with her band, the Ukelele Orchestra. Hi Jamie.

J: Hi Nick.

N: And then we have notorious brain researcher and three-times Olympic gold medalist in fencing, Spencer Elbow!

S: Hey there, everybody.

N: And last but not least, expert linguist and tightrope walker, and a newcomer to the show, Charles Bedmont! Hi there Charles, welcome to the show.

C: It’s good to be here, Nick.

N: Now then. Our first question comes from Zach, of Minneapolis Falls, Minnesota. What’s your question, Zach?

Z: Yeah, hi. So… so, I’m a barber. I’ve been a barber all my life, and--

N: Get to the point Zach.

Z: Ok, ok. I was just wondering -- is it really necessary for me to make small talk with my customers while I cut their hair?

N: Well done, Zach. And now it’s time to… ask the experts! We’ll start with Jamie. Miss Richardson, what advice would you give to our young barber here?

J: You know Zach, I say you do you. If you’re more the silent type of barber, you’ll naturally wind up with clients who are looking for that in a barber. You can’t please everybody, and you shouldn’t try. I know I certainly don’t.

N: Good advice from a good musician. How about you, Spencer?

S: Well, Zachariah.

Z: It’s actually just Zach.

S: I know. It’s a term of endearment. You should know, the key to success in any endeavor is focus. If you want to understand what makes your customers tick, you should try to collect as much information about them as you can. Here’s what I want you to do. When you talk to your customers, you’ll record the conversations, and then analyze them afterwards. You’re going to know your customers better than they know themselves. That’s how I’ve succeeded in fencing, it’s how I’ve succeeded in brain surgery, and it’s how I’ve succeeded in life.

N: Thank you Spencer for that well thought-out, creepy answer. And last but not least, let’s hear from our linguist, Charles.

C: You know, I was having a dream the other night about hair. In that dream, my mother was cutting my hair, but instead of scissors, she was using her teeth. This is my interpretation: cutting hair is a delicate balance between the professional and the personal. You must walk this tightrope, if you will. I think that if you take off your clothes while you work, you will be more comfortable, and so will your clients.

N: That’s terrible advice Charles, but thanks anyway. Zach, I hope you find a solution to your problem. And it looks like that’s all the time we have for today. Take care everybody, and tune in again next time for We Know What We’re Talking About!