Understanding: 俄烏衝突 (The Ukraine Conflict)


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俄烏衝突到節目錄音為止進入第五天,烏克蘭總統 Zelensky 同意和俄國在白俄羅斯邊境進行談判。他雖然表明不相信這次談判的結果,但誰也說不準結果會如何,就像俄國發動攻擊一樣可能會再一次出乎大多數人的意料之外。

從 1991 年蘇聯解體開始,俄國和烏克蘭的關係常常是隨著領導人的傾向而轉變,但大致上來說都還算穩定,那麼是什麼事件讓這樣穩定的情勢有這麼大的轉變呢?本集英文小宇宙要告訴你:

- 俄國和烏克蘭的過去和現在

- 兩國關係的重要轉折事件

- 各國政府對這次俄烏衝突的作為與態度




  1. To deescalate (動詞) 逐漸降溫、持續下降

The COVID-19 alert in Taiwan deescalated from level 3 to level 2 after a continuous decline of confirmed infections over the course of a month.

  1. Finger wagging 懲罰、警告某人

The very traditional boss wags his fingers at any employee who leaves even a minute or two early.

  1. To deter (動詞) 嚇阻

Many people argue that the 2.4 billion Euro antitrust fine against Google by the EU will not be enough to deter the company from dominating the market.

  1. To stand four squares behind (動詞片語) 堅決支持

I stand four squares behind euthanasia for those with terminal illness because I believe everyone deserves a chance to end their life peacefully.

  1. To carve out (動詞片語) 從一個完整的東西中謀取或是移除一部分

Every politician in the country wants to carve out some of the infrastructure budget for their voters so they can get reelected next term.

  1. Unequivocal (形容詞) 明確的

The suspect was unequivocal in her denial towards the accusations that she willingly defrauded the government.

  1. Complicit (形容詞) 同謀的

There was evidence that suggested that members of Trump’s election team were complicit in the release of emails hacked by Russia, but the case was not strong enough to convict anyone.


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