My 3-Step Framework to Turn Content into Cash


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0:03 As a transformation maker - a coach, a consultant, a course creator - you're creating an awful lot of content. Let me ask you a very candid question. Does all of that content equal cash for you?

0:23 Until fairly recently, Yong didn’t have a process for monetizing her content. Because she had so much content out there, there was not a lot of reason for people to actually hire her to help them do the things that I was teaching because they could go figure it all out for free.

1:21 What Yong did instead of Gary Vee Style Content Repurposing and how it turned into her signature 3-Step Framework to Turn Content into Cash

3:16 Today's episode topic: Yong’s three-step framework to turn your content [yep, that content you have already created] into cash.

4:14 Things you could do with all that extra cash, especially with summer right around the corner

4:55 Today’s topic isn’t one that’s talked about often which is exactly why you need to tune in and listen or watch the video version inside the Arena of Awesome

5:15 If you haven't listened to the Myth of More [#333] or Content Gold Mining versus the traditional Gary Vee style content repurposing [#334] be sure to do so as they lay the foundation for today’s episode

5:40 How Yong’s Nevada roots influenced and helped shape the idea of Content Gold Mining | The Low-Hanging Fruit for most content creators that has them flocking to Gary Vee Style Content Repurposing

7:36 One of the downfalls of the Gary Vee Content Repurposing Method

9:26 Surface level versus underground gold mining

10:53 The good news for you as a content gold miner

11:41 In order to turn your content into cash, all you have to do is D. I. G.. If you can remember that simple phrase, you literally have a way to monetize your content.

12:21 When you try out this framework in your business, be sure to share your questions, successes, and more with Yong at www.Yong or inside the Arena of Awesome

13:17 Step 1 in the D.I.G. Framework:

D = Discover + How to enlist the help of the kids in your life to help you complete this step

13:47 Need ideas on where to find kids and questions to ask to delegate the Discovery Process? Head to www.Yong and ask Yong

14:49 One of the many benefits of joining Yong inside the Arena of Awesome

15:15 What the Discover phase entails | a simple tool you can use for yourself and Yong’s examples

“The Discover Phase of the D.I.G. Framework allows you to see ALL your content gathered in one singular place. It’s often the first time my clients have seen just how much content they’ve actually created and it’s often an emotional experience in the best of ways.” - Yong Pratt

18:30 What you’ll likely notice during the Discovery Process

19:21 The reaction Yong’s clients have every.single.time. She takes them through this Discovery Process

20:56 An everyday example of what the Discovery Process is like

21:14 Step 1 in the D.I.G. Framework:

I = Ideate and why it’s so exciting

22:15 How Yong used the Ideate Process to publish her first book

24:40 The focus of Yong’s first book

25:54 “I want to simplify the process, because that's one of my superpowers - Simplify the complicated.” - Yong Pratt

27:49 “In the ideation phase of the D.I.G Framework, there's no right or wrong. There's no one size fits all. You are unique. Your content is unique. And when you ideate and use your imagination to create, the possibilities are absolutely endless.” - Yong Pratt

28:22 Two additional ways Yong has used the Ideate Process herself and how you may be able to use it as well

29:27 “Because creation is not linear, you can take content that was once free and turn it into a paid offer that’s organized and delivered in a succinct way to get maximum results for your client.” - Yong Pratt

30:44 Inside Yong’s signature experience, Your Content Goldmine™, her six-month mentorship program coming up soon, you'll see bits and pieces of how she’s been able to ideate on her content. PLUS, the big draw for this program is time with Yong. Getting her eyes on your business, seeing opportunities, seeing potential, seeing what is possible for you, and your content, and all the different ways you can make money from it.

Have questions about Your Content Goldmine? Ask them over at or inside the Arena of Awesome

32:02 Step 3 in the Framework: G= Go for the Gold

“In the Go for the Gold Phase of the D.I.G. Framework, you get to choose the many different ways to turn your content into literal GOLD. Plus, you’ll have a consistent way to tap into your Content Gold Mine whenever you need a cash infusion." - Yong Pratt

34:07 Come share how you used the D.I.G. Framework over at or inside the Arena of Awesome

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