Content Gold Mining Versus "Gary Vee" Style Content Repurposing


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0:01 I fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker. I was once drawn into the world where MORE became my motto. I wore it like a badge of honor. I was always striving to be more, do more and create more. I stopped listening to the many signs my body was telling me to slow down on my quest for more. Ignoring those signals, landed me in the hospital for test after test, and ultimately being sent home, hooked to a heart monitor for days. The allure of more is a strong force, and few make it out unscathed. In today's episode, I'm going to share how I've made it to the other side of more, and how I can help you do the same...but only if you're ready to embrace a world where less is the new norm?

1:44 Here at Amplify Your Awesome™, we help course creators and coaches ditch content overwhelm, tap into endless supplies of social media content, and make money from the content they've already created.

2:22 Today we're diving into Content Gold Mining versus "Gary Vee" style content repurposing. It's a question I've been getting a lot of lately, so I wanted to, well, set the record straight.

2:37 If you haven't already listened to the last episode number 333. The Myth of More, I highly recommend you press pause and take a listen to that tale before continuing with this episode at

2:56 That time when Yong stood firmly in the belief that repurposing content was THE marketing strategy everyone needed to use…

3:21 How Yong used 3 content repurposing automation tools to replace her full-time Virtual Assistant

3:42 When I talk about content repurposing, or the traditional "Gary Vee" style content repurposing the way it's talked about these days, here's what I mean.

“Traditional, “Gary Vee” Style Content Repurposing the act of taking a large piece of content and extracting smaller chunks which you can then share.”

- Yong Pratt

4:18 Reason #1 for “Gary Vee” Style Content Repurposing

Number one: it looks like you're everywhere. And number two: one can more easily establish their expertise by having more of these smaller pieces of content.

5:02 The reason why traditional “Gary Vee” style content repurposing is costing you money.

5:33 What you need in place to get hundreds of pieces of content

6:12 Opportunity #1 Yong experienced by promoting and advocating for the use of 3 content repurposing tools

6:33 Opportunity #2 Yong experienced by promoting and advocating for the use of 3 content repurposing tools

7:10 That time when things started to crumble before Yong’s eyes

7:31 Some reasons why traditional “Gary Vee” style content repurposing didn’t work for my clients

8:15 The Two Myths Yong uses to describe traditional "Gary Vee" style content repurposing

8:41 The weight of Yong’s 1000s upon 1000s of pieces of content and its opportunity cost

9:42 The lesson Yong learned from training Freebie seekers and the money it cost

10:21 That time when Yong has months and months of social media posts pre-scheduled turned into social media dormancy

10:59 What Yong discovered during that social media dormancy

11:50 The tool Yong used to FINALLY be able to see all her beautiful content

12:45 What Yong recommends you do today with all YOUR awesome content

13:26 The patterns that emerged and the questions Yong began to ponder regarding her discovery

14:28 “Instead of focusing on transforming one piece of content into hundreds using the “Gary Vee” method of content repurposing, Content Gold Mining™ offers you many ways to monetize all your beautiful content.” - Yong Pratt

15:05 “Right now, at this moment, you have endless gifts you could offer to the world and get paid for doing so.” - Yong Pratt

15:24 Questions to ponder and experiment with starting today…

15:32 What have you stopped creating content today? For a week? Or even a month?

15:38 What if you reinvested some of that creation time into unearthing the gold from your own content goldmine?

15:47 What if you could turn your massive amounts of content into endless streams of income?

15:55 What if you could tap into that Gold Mine every time you wanted or needed to:

  • Take a family vacation

  • Hire a virtual assistant to help you put systems in place so that you could sell all the content that you want unearth.

  • Hire someone to clean your house, do yard work, prep your meals and so much more so that you could free up time to spend with those you love?

  • What about retire your parents or spouse?

  • And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you could experience by mining for the gold in your content.

16:25 A testimonial Yong got after a Content Gold Mining Session with 1:1 Client, Susan"

"Wow, just wow. Yong certainly knows her stuff and the potency of content, namely your content. She quickly and effortlessly walks you through the value of your current content. She offers amazing options on delivering your hard work and talent found in your content and monetizing them as you offer your prospects irresistible offers. It's an emotional moment, when you realize your content can be massaged into other platforms to help others you must work with Yong."

17:42 “Monetizing content is where traditional style or "Gary Vee" style content repurposing really misses the mark. Its real focus has been on visibility and exposure, neither of which is a guarantee for sales.” - Yong Pratt

18:42 Wouldn't your time be better spent monetizing the content you already have?

18:48 What if it didn't have to be either-or?

18:52 If you could create endless content for social media, and endless streams of income from the content you already have, without the overwhelm? Would you want to know how to do it?

19:06 You my friend absolutely deserve to have both! And the time to make it happen is now. The doors to Your Content Gold Mine™, my six-month mentorship will be opening up soon, and I'd love to be your guide on this amazing adventure.

19:22 What’s included inside Yong’s 6-Month Mentorship

19:46 So my friend…

  • If creating less content appeals to you…

  • If monetizing the content you already have appeals to you…

  • If having documented systems and processes to mine for the gold in your content appeals to you...

  • If scaling or staffing your business appeals to you....

  • If seeing all the possibilities in your awesome content appeals to you, then Your Content Gold Mine™ might be for you.

20:19 Let's talk about you and your awesome content. It’s Yong’s gift for being a listener of the podcast. All you have to do is go to today's show notes at and click on the "Book a Call" Button

“If you're ready to ditch content, overwhelm, tap into an endless supply of social media content and make money from the content you've already created. Let's talk about you and your content goldmine. Book a call with me at” - Yong Pratt

21:15 Get more goodness, tips, and insider secrets for Yong inside her Facebook community, the Arena of Awesome, while it's still free and open to new members. Come share your biggest takeaways and ahas. Plus, every week inside the Arena, you'll get access to me and I may even share content I don't share anywhere else. Until next time, my friend, go out there today and Amplify Your Awesome™!

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