Sichuan food 四川美食


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I'm so excited to finally eat authentic Sichuan food, Mina!

Mina, 我太激动了,终于吃上正宗的川菜了!

It's probably not what you're used to in America, Sarah. Real Sichuan food has "one hundred dishes, one hundred flavors.
"Sarah, 这和你在美国习惯吃的川菜可能不一样。真正的川菜是“百菜百味”。

I want to try the Kung Pao Chicken. And I've heard a lot about Mapo Tofu.


So can you eat spicy food?

I love spicy food! The spicier, the better!


Well, Sichuan peppercorns have a pretty special flavor. It's a numbing kind of spicy.

How about we order some fish too?

Good idea. Sichuan boiled fish is really something else. Just watch out for the bones!

Will do. Do you think that'll be enough?

I think we should get some cold noodles too. They come with a spicy peanut sauce.

Everything looks amazing! I don't even know where to start!

So glad you like it! But next time you visit, we're definitely eating Hot pot!

Grammar | 语法点

The more, the better

In today's dialogue when Sarah is asked if she likes spicy food, she responds "the spicier, the better." This is just one example of the pattern "the [more of something], the better." We don't only use this to talk about spice, it can be used in all kinds of different situations. You don't always have to use "the better" either. In fact there is another common expression "the more, the merrier."

在今天的对话中,当问到Sarah喜不喜欢吃辣,她说“the spicier, the better(越辣越好)”。这是我们经常会用到的一种表达方式“the more, the better(越...,越好)”。我们不仅可以用这个表达来谈论“辣”,我们还可以用它来谈论各种情景。当然后半部分的the better 也可以用其他的词语来代替。比如,另一个很常见的表达“the more, the merrier”也是“越……越好”的意思。

For example

1: I like strong coffee: the stronger, the better!我喜欢喝浓咖啡,越浓越好。

2: The earlier I go to bed, the better I feel in the morning.我越早上床睡觉,第二天早上感觉越好。